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Placement tests


To rate your language skills you have the possibilty to do one or more of the following recommended placement tests.

When you do the tests, please do not use a dictionary and answer spontaneously, as only an honest result will be of help to you.


Before you begin a course with me, i´ ll send you another, more detailed test to rate your skills more concrete and specific, based on the result you got from the online evaluation.


The tests (A1 to C2) from expath takes up to 30 minutes and gets more difficult as you progress. There are 100 questions to answer and you´ll get at the end of the test your score.






This test from the Oxford University contains 50 questions and will show your score (beginners to advanced) at the end of the test.





This test, provided by the Global Language Services (GLS) rates your language skills from a1 to c2 at the end of the test.




The GER-Placement test from Cornelsen consists of reading and listening tasks and assess your ability to make yourself understood in various situations from A1 to B1.